Drake takes rap in a new direction

Drake drunk dials an ex in the song “Marvin’s Room” off his new album, “Take Care.” The album also features the song “HYFR,” which explores a relationship Drake had and how his fame affected it.

The cover even depicts Drake sitting at a table adorned with gold objects and an expression on his face that makes him look like his wife left him five minutes after he lost his job. It’s a look that makes J. Cole on the cover of “Cole World: The Sideline Story” look like he won the lottery.

Albums like “Take Care” and Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” show that rap music is evolving to express sentiments besides the infamous “money, cars and hoes” material that characterized popular rap in the 90’s. In fact, Drake is far more emotional than his predecessors, expressing his feelings in a way few rappers ever have before.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that rap music has completely abandoned this aspect. Rick Ross, who makes appearances on both “Take Care” and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” can only express things in terms of money, cars and hoes.

However, it’s not a bad thing that rappers like Rick Ross exist. Not all music can be emotional, important or serious. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It’s similar to how Van Halen can write a fun song about a car while The Smiths can do a downbeat song about a real life murderer.

Basically, for every serious musician like Drake, we need a Rick Ross figure to balance it out, to show us how to have a good time.