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‘Girls’ pegged as new guilty pleasure

New HBO series “Girls” is being called a different kind of “Sex and the City.”

The show is written/directed by 25-year-old Lena Dunham who created the show to portray her personal experiences.

The show perfectly combines co-producer Judd Apatow’s (“Bridesmaids,” “Freaks and Geeks”) uninhibited sense of humor with Dunham’s Woody Allen-ish awkwardly egotistic situations (if Woody Allen were a young female with tattoos of children’s books illustrations all over his body).

The show follows the lives of four girls in their early-to-mid 20’s seeking out their lives as adults in the city of New York.

Main character, Hannah (played by Dunham), is an aspiring author removed from her financial safety net when she is financially cut off from her parents and fired from an internship in the first episode. She seeks support from three close acquaintances. There’s Marnie (Hannah’s clean-cut, self-driven best friend), Shoshanna (the naïvely giddy virgin), and Jessa (Shoshanna’s European cousin whose Bohemian personality dynamically clashes with Marnie’s).

Filmed in single-camera setup, the characters develop through instances damned to challenge their adulthood.
With songs by artists like MGMT, The Pretenders, and Jay-Z , the soundtrack carries the scenes with genres of indie, alternative, and funk.

The choices in wardrobe will have you running for your laptop to add to your “Collegiate Chic” board on Pinterest.
Since the premiere of the Pilot episode on April 16, Dunham has received much criticism.

She was criticized particularly for her weak choice in ethnically diverse actors (there are none)  as well as her barely relatable upper class plots that were assumed to represent this generation.

Aside from the fact that it is as relatable as VH1’s hit show Mob Wives, “Girls” should be recognized for its realistic portrayal of females in their early 20’s Women in their early 20’s are generally looking for three things: recognition, fame and love.

We all know the daunting realization of finishing higher degrees only to hope that being “ultimately enthusiastic” will compensate for a lack of experience for the next job interview.

“Girls” definitely accents the power of femininity in self-sufficiency, independence and confidence. The unforeseeable consequences of unwise decisions endured by these characters give the show realistic appeal.

The East Coast blatancy is refreshing, as Dunham gives characters the words we all think yet dare not admit.
Dunham illustrates Hannah to have an ”interesting mix of complete self-confidence and no self-worth that sort of is the trademark of most 24-year-old-girls.”

If “Girls” closely resembles Dunham’s personal experiences on her road to success, I hold high hopes for it.  “Girls” is the new guilty pleasure.
New episodes of “Girls” can be watched on HBO, Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m.

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‘Girls’ pegged as new guilty pleasure