Gourmet from ’The Dormet’


Keith Montes

Your toasted almond toffee should look something like this.

Brenan Peterman, Opinions editor

Hot plate almond toffee:
-1 stick of unsalted butter
-1 cup of white sugar
-¼ tsp salt (or more if you like it salty)
-almonds (I use about two cups but you can use more or less or none)
-chocolate chips (about a cup depending on how thin you spread your toffee)

Hello, I am here to tell you how to cook toffee in your dorm. Yes toffee, that brittle and buttery delicious treat sometimes crushed over ice cream.

First, you will need a rubber spatula, a whisk, a skillet, a small sauce pan, a sheet pan, parchment paper and a cooking thermometer preferably one specially made for candy. If you’re doing this in a dorm you will probably also need a hot plate.

To start, put your skillet on the burner and heat it to a medium heat and then pour in your almonds (don’t overcrowd the pan, a single layer of almonds at a time you may have to do it in multiple batches). While cooking your almonds, make sure to shake the pan occasionally so they don’t burn on the bottom and stay raw on top. You know your almonds are toasted when you catch a very powerful almond fragrance and the almonds are light brown in the center. You can toast the almonds darker if you want, it’s all kind of a personal preference.

Set aside your almonds in your sheet pan with parchment on the bottom, put your sauce pan on the hotplate on medium-low heat, put in your stick of butter, melt it and add the salt, then the sugar.

Immediately begin whisking and keep whisking to incorporate the sugar and butter, keep whisking on and off, occasionally checking the temperature if you have a candy thermometer. Then the hard crack stage should be marked, if not, as soon as your toffee hits 300F, dump it over your almonds (which should be set aside in your sheet pan).

Now take all your lovely chocolate chips and sprinkle them over the top of the toffee and put another piece of parchment down on top of that. Wait about 10 minutes and use your rubber spatula to spread the chocolate out. Now put your toffee in a fridge or on a cold window and wait till it hardens. Once its hard, break it apart with the handle of a knife.