O’Keefe Prize provides creative opportunities

Ryan Peters, Staff Writer

If comic art and creative writing is your passion, then it is time to get those creative juices flowing and prepare an entry for the third annual O’Keefe Prize for Graphic Literature.

According to the press release, the DVC English and Arts Departments are accepting entries to highlight the best in comic art and writing; any story, poem or work of literature that integrates words and pictures to tell a story. The format can be a comic strip, single-page or multiple-page.

The contest is open to any currently enrolled DVC students, and students can work alone or in a duo to create their entry. Drafts were accepted Dec. 3 for review and feedback, but are not necessary to submit a final draft due Jan. 21. Students still have time over the winter break to prepare their submission for the start of the spring 2013 semester.

Entries will be collected by Adam Bessie (FO 106) and Arthur King (A 103). English and art professors will select the finalists.

Prizes for the contest include cartooning art materials, comic prize packs, and publication for the DVC student body. The awards are named after notable artists, including the George Harriman Grand Prize, the Mary Blair Award, The Basil Wolverton Award, and the Robert Crumb Award. Winners artwork will be featured at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo and the Spring Student Art Show.

Kellyn Borst, online editor for the Inquirer, is looking forward to the upcoming contest. Borst said, “Entering this contest allows me to get valuable exposure important to those hoping to enter the creative industry.”

The contest honors James O’Keefe, who was a long time English professor and created the English 176 Graphic Novel as Literature class.

“This contest is meant to honor his relentlessly creative and passionate spirit, one that inspired me when I started teaching at DVC,” said professor Adam Bessie. “With the contest, we hope to provide the same creative opportunity for DVC students today that O’Keefe offered in his dynamic classes, and to pass on the passion!

Visit the contest blog at jamesokeefeprize.blogspot.com for more information.