“The Wedding Singer” marries film and theatre in a hilarious performance


Courtesy of Tara Maginnis

During rehearsal of “The Wedding Singer,” Sage Georgevitch-Castellanos and company ignite the stage giving a memorable opening performance Oct. 24, 2014.

Taylor Pagán, Staff member

Opening night of Diablo Valley College’s fall musical production of “The Wedding Singer” was a comical success, proving to be just as hilarious as the 1998 Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore romantic comedy.

Veiwers may want to consider leaving the kids at home for this inappropriately crude-humored show.

“There are some parts that are kind of sexual,” said 20-year-old DVC student Alexander Patrick. “They have a little bit of profanity and I wasn’t expecting that, to be honest.”

Continuing in the night’s unexpected fashion, actress Monica Minix, who played the promiscuous character of Holly, surprised us all when she ripped apart her button-down shirt and revealed her breast baring metal spiked corset, which she confidently rocked, in addition to her voluminous 80’s hair perm.

Nonetheless, Patrick, along with the rest of the laughter-filled audience, enjoyed the show, vulgarity and all.

In regards to actor Sage Georgevitch-Castellanos, who played the male lead Robbie Hart, Patrick said, “I think he fits the part. He has that look to him. He has really good hair. He just has that look.”

In addition to his great hair, Georgevitch-Castellanos also had the opportunity to show off his great singing voice. His solo song “Somebody Kill Me Now,” in particular, was a hilarious hit with the lyrics “I can’t believe I found a love that’s so pure and true. But it was all (bull). It was a (goshdang) joke. And when I think of you Lynda, I hope you (freaking) choke.”

Georgevitch-Castellanos seemed just as pleased with his excellent performance as the rest of us were.

“Wow! It feels so surreal,  I’m overwhelmed with joy. It’s been a really long journey and it’s been worth every step.”

Actress Ashley Dionne, who played, Julia Sullivan, the female lead, was also appreciative of the audience’s interaction.

“All the laughter makes it so enjoyable to be on stage,” she said.

DVC student Tiffany Campedel, 19, had never seen the original movie, but still enjoyed this production.

“I loved it,” Campedel said. “I thought it was really good. The two main characters were really awesome. The singing was really good. It was intriguing the whole time, like I was super excited to see what was going to happen next.”

Both veteran and newbie viewers alike will love this theatrical version of “The Wedding Singer.”

The show closes at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 9, 2014 in the DVC Performing Arts Center.