DVC celebrates Earth Day 2015

Taylor Pagan, News editor

Diablo Valley College’s newly constructed, environmentally-friendly Commons Area served as a gathering ground for various campus clubs and outside organizations to join forces in celebration of Global Earth Day on April 22.

The Earth Day celebration, put on by the collaborated efforts of the campus Earth Club and sustainability committees, created an opportunity for college students and nearby residents to connect with fellow planet lovers.

The DVC ACE (architecture, construction and engineering) Club displayed their most recent creation that won best overall design and craftsmanship at the Design Village competition hosted by California Polytechnic State University in San Louis Obispo. Architecture major and club member Bachir Benkirane, 21, said the innovative contraption represents how time is relevant to humans. He explained how each of the wood panels, though very similar in structure, are actually quite unique in design when observed up close.

“Changes don’t happen overnight,” he explained. “This is what we are trying to represent.”

Earth Club President Ryan Soeblijantoro can attest to the importance of making small, but impactful changes for the benefit of our planet. Though there are bigger environmental issues that need to be addressed, society must first commit to tackling the smaller issues.

“We have to take baby steps,” he said. “We still don’t recycle, even though recycling is really easy.”

To help aid with this dilemma, the Earth Club created a “recycling tree” composed of clear plastic bottles and encouraged students to write down a personal pledge to recycle on a colored Post-it note. By sticking their pledge to the tree, participants would be making a public declaration for all to see.

The DVC Christian Club, Chi-Alpha, also had a colorful display set up at the celebration. They had a chalk prayer wall for students and visitors to write requests on, and they offered one-on-one prayer to attendees.

19-year-old Jarret Blagg was visiting DVC with a friend who was registering for summer courses and decided to stick around for the Earth Day celebration when he came across the prayer wall.

“I like the idea that anyone can come and put their prayer on it,” he said. “I wrote ‘pray for love and pray for yourself.'”

Other requests included prayers for environmental improvements and for current drought conditions.

Environmental science major Dasha Rechurina, 21, was grateful the Earth Day celebration united nearby communities and brought students together.

“I love Earth Day at DVC,” she said. “I’ve re-connected with the same people I connected with last year.”

Global Earth Day is all about celebrating our planet and making it a better place for all inhabitants.

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