How to beat the heat

Cooper Mead, Senior staff member

As many students have experienced first hand, summer hasn’t quite relinquished its hold on the campus.

While the AC might be working again, there are other, more environmentally friendly ways to cool off. Water is the big one, despite the ongoing drought, drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do.

By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, and staying hydrated allows your body to keeps itself cool by sweating when it needs to. Ask your teachers if it is okay for you to bring a bottle of water from home, most of them will allow you to do so, but respect their answer if they don’t want to have a bottle out in class.

If you don’t have reusable water bottle to bring from home, you can keep and eye out for the water fountains spread around campus. Should the sun be cranked up to eleven, look out for some of the shady nooks and crannies around campus. Peace and solitude, as well as shade can be found by the duck ponds below the Advanced Technology Center. If that is not quiet enough, the DVC Library offers various levels of boreal calm.

Try the both literally and figuratively down to earth hallway beneath the library for a good spot to catnap or wait for your next class. If you are looking for something bit more formally frigid, the Library itself is great for studying and getting work done.

If true shivery silence is you goal, you can even reserve a study room at the front desk.

The other side of campus is not without its own chilly charms. Head on over to the new Hospitality Services Building  and Food Court, home to the new Food Court, and grab a bite to eat. While the food is hot the HSB is always cool. It can however, be a little on the loud side when it fills up.

If that is not to your taste then head on outside to the commons and stake your claim on a parcel of shady real estate. While you are cool for being a Viking here at DVC, there are a thousand and one ways to stay cool on campus once you start looking.