New app keeps San Francisco ‘up all night’

App review: Up All Night


Jesse Sutterley

Scrolling through the “Up All Night” app, Oct. 8th, 2015 on the DVC campus.

Sarah Carr, Staff member

San Francisco now has its own RSVP event calendar.

Up All Night — a live music entertainment app that requires a simple account and a list of potential event companies and local promoters to follow — provides a scrolling list of upcoming live music events happening in the city.

The app is centered around dance, house and indie music, but there are the occasional exceptions to this. If clubbing and house music are your niche, this app should definitely peak interest.

Electronic music dominates the app, which comes as no surprise. Electronic dance music, or EDM, becoming the new “pop music” has been in progress for a few years, and the SF club scene is home to many unique, underground acts that don’t often appear in other major cities in the US.

Up All Night also has a “gold” feature where users can sign up for a monthly $25 fee that grants free access to four shows per month. Considering that most shows cost close to $30 each, excluding the fees attached to purchasing tickets online, its a decent trade-off.

Frequent concert-goers would greatly benefit from signing up for this feature, and you can pick and choose which four shows you want to attend.

One of the most exciting qualities of being a gold subscriber is having all access to the exclusive events and club nights Up All Night hosts.

As of right now, the website states there is no penalty for gold members who receive free entry to a show and don’t show up to claim it; however, this policy may change if the app accrues a large enough audience and gold subscribers frequently miss shows.

The tickets are also on a first-come first-serve basis. So showing up 30 minutes before the event ends is not a good idea. Get there early.

San Francisco is the only city Up All Night caters to, but the app will soon be expanding to other cities. Overall, this app is a great thing for partiers. Jukely, a NYC-based app with the same principles, also allows dedicated music lovers and club goers to RSVP to shows. It seems these nightlife apps could be a new up and coming trend.