Fashion that serves a deeper purpose


Model shows off the latest fashion trends at the One Bread Fashion Show Benefit in Pleasant Hill, Saturday, Nov. 21

Erin Smith, Staff member

One Bread, a non-profit organization that aims to help victims of sex and human trafficking, partnered with Oak Park Christian Center to put on a fashion show benefit, Saturday Nov. 21.

“It really is to get awareness of our organization. It’s not about making money,” said David Bernal, One Bread’s CEO, this past Saturday Nov. 21 at the first Annual Fashion Show Benefit.

It was a lighthearted event showcasing current fall fashions and trends courtesy of Francesca’s, a women’s boutique located in Lafayette. The outfits ranged from casual wear to dresses worthy of a night out on the town. Fall trends such as layering, flannel and deep jewel tones were wonderfully showcased by the models.

Raffle tickets were available for purchase ranging from $1 – $15. People who purchased $15 worth received a row of tickets as long as they were tall.  The prizes won were supplied by generous vendors such as BevMo, Lafayette Farmers Market, and TJ’s Salon and Nail Spa. Prizes included jewelry, wine, spa packages and movie passes. The grand prize was an Apple watch.

Faith Alpher, a radio personality on KKIQ and KKDV, filled in as Emcee. She kept the audience engaged throughout the event as it shuffled from fashion show to awarding prizes.

“We want to get people involved,” said Bernal. He emphasized the need for volunteers and people willing to spread the anti human-trafficking message. “We need to focus on introducing and rehabilitating children back into mainstream society.”

Bernal also spoke about the organizations unique shopping model. One Bread doesn’t ask for donations out right, rather they primarily use internet marketing. For example, the companies online store can be accessed through Amazon’s website, provided on One Bread’s web page, where all purchases contribute to supporting the victims.

Alpher commented, “It is truly extraordinary for a company to not ask for donations. That’s a big deal. It is a great way to help the cause.”

Rosalba Reutzel, treasurer of One Bread, highlighted how it was all possible with the help of the community. “We’re so grateful for all of the help.”

One Bread hopes to continue bringing the community together through events like the fashion show in order to help people in need.