Live action role play at DVC


Melanie Calimlim

Two students live action role-playing outside near the Diablo Valley College mathematics building , Feb. 26.

Melanie Calimlim, Staff member

Although the deadline for creating clubs has passed, it didn’t seem to stop some students on campus from doing some live action role-playing.

22-year-old physical geography major, Michael Beiermann missed the cutoff date for a larper’s club, but is hopeful that he can make the cut off for next semester.

Beiermann says, “The club we will be starting is going to be more focused on the game of Amtgard, where we will teach people the rules of the game. Hopefully we would encourage people to branch out and attend some of the local Amtgard parks in the area.”

Larping are primarily a medieval combat fighting sport. The game that they play is called Amtgard, which is also the name of the organization. Creating crafts and weapons out of plastic pipes, graphite cords, foam and other materials that are deemed suitable for their games.

This is a full contact sport, yet safety is the main concern for their players. Larpers cannot make head shots, and say if you get hit in the arm, it is essentially “cut off” and it has to go behind your back, etc.

Although the essence of larping is combat, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who joins has to partake in fighting.

In Amtgard, there is a place for anyone wanting to showcase their talent. “If people are less interested in fighting, there are also aspects of Amtgard that focus on arts and crafts such as: playing music, acting, writing, sewing, etc.,” Beiermann says.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable about Amtgard at all, which is great for newcomers. You can learn along the way, or just choose to spar with other people on your own time. There are different parks where larpers meet from all over the bay.

19 year-old student, Zion Yuzon says that although he does not see himself as a permanent player in Amtgard, he feels that it is something to do if you’re able to have any play time. “I’d go for fun with a group of friends and just have fun. I feel like it’s enjoyable because it’s like being a kid,” he says.

Meets are held every Sunday from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. at Hidden Lakes Park in Martinez. If anyone is interested in looking for a local Amtgard park or more details about Amtgard, you can visit their website at