Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Erin Smith, Opinions Editor

Valentine’s Day, another Hallmark holiday celebrated by some and loathed by many.

Synonymous with jewelry, chocolates, and flowers, the holiday can illicit passion between couples and loneliness in the chronically single, me being one of the later.

If I had an amour of my own to lavish me with gifts this February 14th I would forgo the traditional route and opt for a more unconventional present. 

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but a Costco membership is bae.

Any piece of jewelry that’s worthwhile is going to cost a couple hundred dollars, and unless you know your girl’s sense of style to a tee, will either be exchanged or rarely worn and in the current economical climate, it’s just not practical.

Costco on the other hand is a mecca of practicality. Where else can I get a magnum of vodka, a half dozen avocados, and a 24 pack of Gillette razors? Send me in with a $250 limit and I’ll meet you at the food court to enjoy a $1.50 hot dog combo happy as a clam.

This time of year the supermarket shelves are inundated with chocolates and candies of all sorts. Some might consider me bitter, but I find none of these appealing. Nor do I want to munch on them whilst watching the latest rom-com.

A $5 cover charge at the Red Hat will get us in to their weekly live punk show. The people watching alone is worth its weight in gold and the taqueria next door serves up some of the best tacos. I’ll take tacos, beer and a night  basking in the suburban punk scene over chocolate any day.

If music is your thing or you really want to impress, learn to play the saxophone instrumental of “Your Latest Trick” by Dire Straits. Draw me a bubble bath, light some candles, and show off your new musical talents while I relax in the tub.

A little competition is healthy in any relationship, but I’m not exactly the sporting type. I do however have an affinity for “The Big Lebowski,” and any sport that can be played while enjoying a beer is a-ok with me. But don’t try and get all fancy on me and hit up Round1, we’ll be bowling in style at the Paddock Bowl sipping brewskis at the dive bar in between games.

Bonus points if we hit up the casino across the street afterwards where you can impress me with your blackjack skills.

These ideas may not be the most traditional, but neither am I. So I encourage you, this Valentine’s Day to get creative and celebrate in a way that is uniquely you, single or coupled.