How to land an internship

Courtney Donahoe, Copy editor

After graduation, when students look forward to starting their careers, it is helpful to have experience to land that higher up position that they are shooting for.

If you have no idea what an actual internship is, it’s a paid or unpaid job that last for a limited amount of time. An internship gives students time to be with a certain company and get experience.

Now is the time to actually start looking for an internship that could help you further your career path. When that time comes, internships let your future employer know that you have experience and are well qualified for the job. Dani Mernick, communication major at San Francisco State University, said “I always tried to look for positions in the field that I wanted to have a career in.”

One of the ways to help you land an internship is to make sure your resume looks amazing. Your resume should include relevant education to show employers that you’re on the right path to what you want to do for your career.

“Education looks good on a resume, as well as community service and clubs that you’re involved in,” DVC Career and Employment Services coordinator Catherine Franco said. “Not so much work experience, it’s more about the education that they’re gonna look at.”

Including the schools you’ve attended and your educational experience will stand out on that resume, leading you in the right direction.

Kieran Parhar, marketing major at UC Davis said, “to get an internship I just had to go through a couple of interviews and really try to frame my work history in a way that showed I was suitable for the position.”

If you don’t get that one internship that you were longing for, don’t give up. Do your research, and get out and look for even more internships; there are plenty of companies out there that are looking for student interns to apply and work for their company. Don’t just apply to one internship – try to cast a wide net.

DVC also has a website where you can look at approved websites that have internship postings.