Justice League is out of its league


Justice League

Kion Karimi, Staff member

Zack Snyder’s latest film “Justice League” fails to deliver on the big screen once again.

Only grossing $93 million in its opening weekend with a 41 percent rating compared to “Thor: Ragnarok” which made over $100 million and had a score of 92 percent. There are many reasons why Justice League didn’t do so well.

Let’s start with the story, the story is about a villain name Steppenwolf who is the conqueror of worlds. Of course by this you know that he wants to take over Earth and reign down upon innocents.

First main problem of the film is Steppenwolf,  unless you’re a hardcore comic book fan you will have no idea who he is. He’s not the most menacingly villain either, he’s quite bland doesn’t really have any substance.

It was a terrible idea to have Steppenwolf as the villain because he’s unfamiliar and doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

It’s up to Batman and Wonder Woman to put together a team to stop this threat once and for all so they have to go out and recruit other heroes such as The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and one other that I won’t spoil but I’m pretty sure you can guess who it is.

I genuinely liked the performances between everyone here but I don’t think they were at their full maximum potential that they could have been.

As much as I love comedy in my superhero movies, DC still doesn’t know how to do it quite yet like Marvel does. In Justice League, their are a lot of comedic moments that really had me laughing but ultimately it felt out of place and awkward.

Batman in this movie was a complete joke, he wasn’t serious at all and even when he was it just didn’t feel the same compared to other Batman portrayals. That’s not to say he did a bad job, it could have just been the writing but it’s time for Ben Affleck to step down from the role.

Speaking of characters that weren’t great, The Flash for me wasn’t that substantial either. He was the comedic relief character in this movie and he did a great job in that regard but as The Flash, he wasn’t my favorite compared to the D.C. TV show counterpart. This version of The Flash is actually a coward and doesn’t like to fight which was a huge let down.

This goes for the same as Aquaman, I loved Jason Mamoa as Aquaman but again, he wasn’t utilized as much as he could have been. There is only once scene in this movie where he uses his powers and after that you just see him fighting as and ordinary person and even then he gets beaten up a lot. It just turned into a disappointment.

The action in this movie showcased some awesome moments, but these moments were small and went away quickly. It didn’t wow me as much as I thought it would. I loved seeing Wonder Woman and Batman fight, these moments were the best for me.

It was stated that this film was supposed to be a lot longer but they had to make huge cuts so that maybe this movie would have been more fleshed out, but that’s unfortunate that we will have to wait for an “extended edition” or “special edition” to get the movie that was supposed to be from the start.

Overall, DC is still unmatched compared to Marvel when it comes to the big screen, but what you have here is a relatively entertaining experience that will give you a chuckle here and there. It might be time for Zack Snyder to finally retire from directing superhero movies.