Book websites you can join over summer

Courtney Donahoe, Staff member

If you love reading, love it so much that it’s all you do in your free time, here are some amazing websites that will help you read even more than you can imagine.


This website is a community for readers and writers to publish their stories in all sorts of genres ranging from romance to horror. Sometimes the authors even build a fan base because of how amazing their books turn out.

I recommend it because you read people’s rough drafts of stories they come up with and see them progressively work on them and get better with time. I’ve read books that have a rough start but became so amazing once they got published.

This book website is generally a great place for first time authors to get feedback on their writing and see where they need help. If you love writing and reading, Wattpad is definitely an amazing website to start with


Not only does this website offer you free ebooks and physical books to read, it also helps in your academic life as well.  This website is not only for books, you can browse essays, look at references for any topic and look up articles.

Being a student who loves reading in her free time, this helps me a lot in my academic life because I don’t have to spend hours surfing the web for a reference for my essay that I’m writing in one of my classes. When I’m looking for a new book to read, I come on here and see what free ebooks are available. Having these options are awesome, because it’s two things in one, I can multitask.

Open Library

Open Library’s main goal is to provide a web page for every book ever made. Open library is a website where you can connect with your local library and borrow a book from the library.

It’s an amazing thing to have because you can see what your library has in stock right from your own home. Seeing the library options from home makes it easier for us to see the books we want right away.


Overdrive, similar to Open Library, has its own app that you can download. With Overdrive you can download free audiobooks and ebooks. This website is free to join as long as you have a library card from your local library. Getting a library card is worth it because with that plastic card you can access millions of titles: books, audiobooks,  ebooks and so much more.