I’ll be there for you: How to make friends at DVC


DVC students are hoping that they will be able to go back to school soon. (Kat Uher/The Inquirer).

Kat Uher, Staff member

Despite Diablo Valley College’s reputation as a large community college with over 22,000 people, students can still struggle making connections on campus.

Since DVC is considered a transitional school, many students come and go, which makes it harder for them to establish connections. 

This was the case for Victoria Del Bino, a returning student who explained that since DVC is a commuter college, her opportunities in the school are limited.

“I just really come here to learn,” she said. “Sometimes, though, the teacher will function in a manner that makes you introduce yourself to your peers, in which case you make some friends,” she said. 

However, many students still have found ways to form friendships.

Nursing major Yasamin Gilani doesn’t hesitate to seize an opportunity when she sees it in class. 

“I’d just talk to people and we’d exchange numbers, so that’s how it starts,” said Gilani. She likes to make new friends in class, although she still keeps in contact with her friends from high school. 

Sean So, an international student from Hong Kong and a sophomore, found most of his friends through common interests. 

“I make friends playing … (in a) badminton class,” he said. “I’m an international student from Hong Kong, so I know a lot of Asian people.” Like him, they are also international students, so they stick together; “an Asian network,” he called it.

He said that he is mostly involved with an international group of friends through a group chat. This way they can help each other out with their school life. Like his peers, he admits to having problems making friends locally, however, he said that once he finds  a common interest with people, all boundaries are broken. 

“Once I find the same interests, like in badminton, I can meet many friends in meetups,” he said. 

Another way for students to make connections is through clubs at DVC Sync, a website where students can find organizations, clubs, and events on campus. DVC also hosts social events like the upcoming Fall Festival, which will take place on Sept 18, to bring students together in fun and camaraderie. 

“Be willing to make friends like us,” said So. “Be welcoming to everyone.”