Calling All Filmmakers: Earn $1,000 “Making a Movie in a Day”

Navid Mehdipour, Staff member

Movie Making Throughout the Bay, a non-profit organization that supports local filmmakers, announced it is giving away $1,000 per month to aspiring directors of short films who can “make a movie in a day.”

Elena Alterman, co-founder of MMTB and a film studies major at Diablo Valley College, said all DVC students get free passes to enter the competition, and winners will have within 6 hours to write and film their movie at the organization’s studio located in Rodeo, Calif. This organization has produced and sponsored a lot of short movies in the Bay area.

“I started this organization for those who are seeking success creating movies, writing, directing and wanting to improve their acting skills,” said Altman, who formerly worked in tech and helped launch the group in 2010. Altman is a producer and actress who has had roles in “White Devil” (2017), “Project Run!” (2013) and “Mude Flat Murders.”

The goal is to create more jobs in the Bay Area in this industry and to help people connect in making more movies here,” she said.

Once contestants sign up for the one-day film challenge, they form into groups and compete to make the best short film. Each group must consist of a complete crew including an actor, writer and director. 

Altman said filmmakers are welcome to make more than one movie.

“The contestants also have the ability to make three movies for the challenge, but they have to keep in mind that their three movies are competing against each other as well,” she said.

Anyone is welcome to join the challenge, which started in January, however all the winning movies must be produced inside the studio in Rodeo. 

For DVC students majoring in film and TV production, “Making a movie in a day” is a great chance to earn college credit as volunteer interns, said Altman.

According to the MMTB website, All the films must be submitted by the due date, which is on the 1 of each month following the next month, (ex. filmed on Feb 1, due on April 1, filmed on Feb 25, due on April 1.) All the contestants can register online.

“All the movies made will be screened at the local theaters,” she said. “Don’t miss out.”

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