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Local Pizza and Digital Discounts Available for DVC Students


The expense of attending college can become overwhelming at times for many students, from the cost of books and tuition to commuting and eating. But some local discounts and digital services available to Diablo Valley College students can help ease those pressures.

For example, Hanish Kumar, manager at Mountain Mike’s Pizza at 30 Golf Club Rd. in Pleasant Hill, offers 15 percent discounts for students at DVC. 

“We have a poster there for student discount,” said Kumar as he gestured to the salad bar. “Not all students know about it, but if they do, they’re definitely coming here and they are coming back.”

Simon Noah, owner of Round Table Pizza at 716 Contra Costa Blvd. in Pleasant Hill, likewise said his restaurant offers a 15 percent discount that lots of students may not be aware of.

“I don’t think many of the students know about it because usually they come in here and they either don’t ask, or it is the first time that they hear about it,” said Noah.

“When they come in, usually we don’t require that they show their cards, we believe them,” added Noah. “All they have to say is, ‘Hey, I am a student,’ and we’ll just apply it to their orders.”

Kumar at Mountain Mike’s said the routine works the same at his store.

“Whatever they order, we’ll offer them [the] discount,” said Kumar. “They just need to say, ‘I’m from DVC,’ and we’ll add it.”

In addition to local businesses, some technology services offer student and teacher discounts as well.

Apps like Shop and Student Beans have streamlined the process by creating an online umbrella for hundreds of companies to advertise student and teacher discounts.

By creating an account with either or both apps, students and teachers can gain access to discounts on big brands — from 35 percent off Adidas products to 50 percent off Best Buy orders. 

Students can also access discounted subscriptions like $4.99 with DashPass, and $6.99 with NFL+. Hundreds of discounts and promo codes are available with just one verification process.

These apps, along with local eateries, can help take the edge off rising prices while providing a place to hang out, eat and study. Noah at Round Table said he enjoys catering to student needs.

“I know that students are on a tight budget, [so] we try to help them and it is a win-win situation,” he said.

“It brings us more business and it gives the students a chance to come over here to have good food at a very good and reasonable price, [then] get back to their studies.”

Likewise, Kumar finds satisfaction in providing students with discounted rates.

“They’re not spending too much money,” said Kumar. “And we just love to feed them here.”

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  • R

    Round Table Pizza College ParkOct 4, 2023 at 2:09 pm

    Thank you Chasity. We are more than happy to offer this discount to the students and the staff of DVC, we already have a few students in our Round Table Pizza family, so come on down to grab a fresh salad from our salad bar and share a pizza with your friends.

    Just mention DVC.

    Simon and staff
    Round Table Pizza, College Park

  • C

    Charleen EarleyOct 2, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    With the increase in gas and food prices … nice to know where we (teachers and students) can score some discounts! Nice article Chasity Barwick!