Decrease in Classes Cripples International Students

Dear Inquirer,

The article “Right Size Doesn’t Fit Everyone” [issue date: Sept. 11] grabbed my attention.

What attracts people to take classes at DVC are the flexible hours and freedom to learn. Although, college should be a place where anyone who wishes to learn can get an education, I can’t help but think that has been lost.

All international students, including myself, are aware that we stepped into a completely different world when we made the hard decision to get an education here in the U.S.

However, we didn’t expect to get trapped between the expectations from the college, budgets from our parents and our own goals.

International students pay over $200 per unit, and must take at least 12 units per semester. While trying to fulfill our requirements, in order to transfer, unfortunetly, there are times when we can’t get into classes that we need. We can’t take a semester off or wait, because or visas wouldn’t allow us to stay here as long as we need. Most of us don’t own vehicles, which makes it harder for us to attend night classes.

We know all the classes DVC offers are great; however, we would rather not take additional classes because getting education here is so expensive and most of our parents want us to finish as early as possible without spending extra money.

We have no idea who to ask for help or improvement. Do we really need to sacrifice everything for college while hoping the college would work with us?

If we were not passionate about getting education here in the States,  we would have chosen the easier path and attended college in our own countries, with our native languages.

Please don’t disappoint us more, we are tired of spending the extra time, money and effort; just to get turned away at the door.


Yuno Imai- DVC Student