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Female Goalie Finds Home in League

Dahlia Singer ()
Dahlia Singer ()

Standing between the pipes, the No. 60 on the Viking jersey halfway in the goal, DVC’s backup goalie takes practice reps, lacrosse stick in hand. 

The Vikings have compiled a surprising 4-1 record against top-notch teams in the Men’s College Lacrosse Association divisions one and two, but backup goalie Dahlia Singer has done surprising of her own. 

“It’s a surprise for the other teams we play when they see that I am playing because usually, other colleges would have a girl’s team,” she said.  “I guess they get mad if they lose when I am in the game.” 

Singer started playing lacrosse as a freshman at Miramonte High School in Orinda after a knee injury ended her wrestling career. 

Two months after dislocating her left knee cap, she saw some girls playing with sticks and a ball and asked what sport they were playing.

It was the first time Singer had heard of lacrosse.

“I asked them if they needed another player, and they said that they needed a goalie,” she said. “So naturally, I was like, ‘Yeah, I can do that.'” 

After playing for Miramonte for three years, Singer quit her senior season and did not play for four years until she joined DVC’s lacrosse team. 

This is her first season here, having missed the chance to play last fall because she didn’t know the team existed. 

Even with the four-year layoff and jump in competition, Singer has enjoyed one of her best seasons on and off the field.

“I love my teammates,” she said.  “They are like family to me. I think I get even more respect from them because I have to put up with them, and we get closer as friends as each game goes by win or lose.” 

Singer said it hurts to get hit by a lacrosse ball going around 80 mph, “People usually think I’m crazy because I’m a goalie, and they think that even more so just because I’m a girl…But hey, that’s the game, and I love it.” 

She is also quick to point out the sport is about accuracy, smooth passing and knowing that “if you miss a catch, one of your teammates has your back.” 

But this is Singer’s first and last season, as she will transfer to Cal State East Bay, which doesn’t have a lacrosse team.  She said she is thinking about starting a club there.

But after playing on the men’s team, Singer said she doesn’t want to go back to women’s lacrosse. It’s too slow, compared to the men’s fast pace.

“All I can say is that I’m happy I play this game,” she said. “Every time I’m on the field, in my goal, I feel at home, and that is one of the best things to feel.”

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Female Goalie Finds Home in League