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New help for theft victims

Register your bike or laptop with campus police at DVC and, if stolen, you might just get it back. 

DVC is the new test site for a data base that is already in operation nationally. If successful here, it could be expanded to Contra Costa and Los Medanos colleges, said Officer Javon Sanders. 

“[We] are doing this on a trial basis to see if students are receptive to the program by registering their property,” Sanders said. 

Bicycles are one of the most popular stolen items, with 30 disappearing already this semester, he said. 

Of those 30, only two were recovered and returned to their owners, because they had their serial numbers in the National Data Base, Sanders said. 

In addition to bikes, laptops and even musical instruments can be entered into the data base. 

Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. 

Sanders said an item’s serial number is the most important identifier to getting property back. 

“If you have a trumpet, which would not have a serial number, we will create one for you,” Sanders said. 

So far, only a dozen or so items are registered in the DVC data base, Lt. Tom Sharp said of the program which went into operation at DVC a few weeks ago. 

Lindsay St. Hill, president of the Associated Students of DVC, said student leaders strongly support registering personal property. 

“So many people get their bikes and laptops stolen,” St. Hill said. “Even if they’re recovered, what are the chances of them getting their property back?” 

Bill Oye, dean of student life called the program “great for victims of stolen items to have a higher chance of getting their property back.” 

Sanders said UC Berkeley participates in the registration, but it is not offered free there.

To register your property, go to the Police Services building or approach any officer walking around the campus. You will need a picture ID of any kind, as well as the item to be registered. 

Unclaimed items or recovered property than cannot be traced back to their owners are put into drawing and given away after notification of the campus community by emails or fliers.



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New help for theft victims