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No pain no gain, piercing more than just style


“Take a deep breath.”

 It’s one of my favorite things to hear just before the skin bleeds.

 This 15-second adrenaline rush precedes a process of mixed emotions.

 Anticipation: pacing around the shop while waiting for my signal to go to “the last room on the right.”

Excitement: the butterfly build up and racing thoughts, “Is this going to hurt.”

 Clammy hands and the knowledge that I’ll leave with a new addition that fits my style.

Since the recent opening of a tattoo and piercing shop in downtown Walnut Creek, I’ve enjoyed the experience of getting piercings to the point that it’s becoming an addiction.

I spent my last two birthdays getting an industrial, which is a horizontal bar that goes from one upper end of the ear to another, a belly button and eyebrow piercing. But those are not the only ones. I have four piercings on my earlobes (two of which are gaged), and a nose ring.

People always want to know, “Didn’t that hurt?” when I explain the piercing process. In fact, the amount of pain has varied with each piercing, but the industrial and belly button were the most painful.

Piercings are not for everyone. If you are doing it to be a rebellious teenager and piss off your parents, or just think you might want it, don’t waste your time or money.

The labor costs around $20 to $25. And on top of that, jewelry runs anywhere from $10 to $50.

While you may be tempted to have your best friend pierce your tongue, it’s wiser to have a professional do it. Otherwise, you could end up in the hospital with an infection you don’t even want to imagine.

On the plus side, piercings are a great conversation starter for those awkward, silent situations. Many times I’ve made new friends just from comparing gages and other jewelry.

Overall, they are a non-permanent, fun part of being young that will one day be a memory. Until then, I plan to keep adding to the number of holes I put in my body.


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No pain no gain, piercing more than just style