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Tutoring Advisory Committee alters focus

Despite drastic reductions to tutoring on campus, a DVC committee has changed its role and begun creating a tool to show the positive impact of campus-wide tutoring this semester.


The Tutoring Advisory Committee, formerly responsible for allocating money to tutoring programs and managing central tutoring, now tries to increase the communication, integration and advocacy of tutoring programs.


“To my understanding, the way we were making money decisions did not comply with accreditation standards,” said Ted Walker, the committee chair.


Walker said the committee also did not comply with its task of managing and preserving central tutoring, which was cut last year.


Walker said the committee would mostly fight over money but has now made a good change.


“Now that we aren’t burdened with decisions about funding we can be a cooperative and collaborative group,” said Walker.


The TAC is working towards finding the best tutoring practices and integrating tutoring information. The committee is tackling its new responsibilities by breaking into three working groups: data inquiry and external and internal research.


While tutoring is struggling, the committee’s focus is on uniting the tutoring programs throughout the school and helping them fight for funding efficiently.


Ade Origunwa, senior office assistant in the mathematics department, said students can benefit from the centralizing of information about individual tutoring centers which will “better inform everyone.”


Foundation for College Success, a program which oversees the Basic Skills Initiative that provides funding from the state for basic skills support staff, asked the committee to create a tool to assess the impact of basic skills tutoring to show the Chancellor, said Lupe Dannels, FCS coordinator.


Walker said that it was important to create the same tool for all tutoring programs.


“I’m getting involved because I recognized all of the programs that differ tutoring campus-wide would benefit from the assessment tool,” said Walker.


Dannels said the FCS met with various DVC groups like Disability Support Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and the Faculty Senate last year to create the short-term goals anticipated for Fall 2010, which included approving funds for DSS basic tutoring.


After presenting a proposal for a change in responsibilities, the TAC’s new role was approved by the Faculty Senate in April 2010.


Walker said he is trying to work towards reclassifying tutoring as an instructional service because cuts usually stay away from instructional programs. Tutoring is considered a support service.


“Until society starts valuing education, we will never have enough resources,” said Walker.


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Tutoring Advisory Committee alters focus