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Corporate media turns coverage on Gadhafi’s death into a party

Copy editor Brian Donovan (The Inquirer)

Former Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi was killed last week in the last loyalist stronghold in his hometown of Sirte.

I am not a big fan of Gadhafi, since any form of dictatorship can’t work without having a monopoly on state-sanctioned violence.

But what troubles me, just as it did for the death of Bin Laden, is how the corporate media basically celebrated his bloody demise rather than acknowledging that the Libyan Rebels violated the Geneva Convention.

My definition of corporate media is any media outlet controlled by big business, such as NBC, which is owned by General Electric.

The Bay Area News Group, which owns the Contra Costa Times, reported Gadhafi was dragged from a drainage pipe while hiding.

Their front-page article, “Gadhafi Era Ends” depicts his death as such, “Within an hour, he was dead, but not before jubilant Libyans had vented decades of hatred by pulling the eccentric dictator’s hair and parading his bloodied body on the hood of a truck.”  

A photo of his bloody face was captioned, “Death of a tyrant.” The article continues “The outpouring of joy reflected the deep hatred of a leader who had brutally warped Libya with his idiosyncratic rule.”

But according to rebel leader Mahmoud Jibril, who is now imposing Sharia Law, Gadhafi died “when [Gadhafi’s] the car was moving, it was caught in crossfire between the revolutionaries and Gadhafi forces in which he was hit by a bullet in the head.”

Why are there two different stories and why is the corporate media only covering the version that makes Gadhafi look more cowardly?

Remember that there were also two different stories on how Osama Bin Laden allegedly died.

The first account pushed by corporate media of his death was that he used his wife as a human shield before SEAL-Team-6 shot him.

It was later confirmed that he was unarmed with his hands up before he was murdered.

What version of these stories make these “evil doers” look more sinister?

We must ask ourselves, who benefits from these alternative accounts, average people trying to get the full story or corporate media with an agenda?

Remember Libya has a lot of oil ready to be privatized.


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Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan, Editor-in-chief
Editor-in-chief, spring 2012. Staff member, spring and fall 2011.

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Corporate media turns coverage on Gadhafi’s death into a party