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Letter to the editor: New degree helps artists

I came across the article, “Transferable Music Degree Broadens Students’ Options,” and was very intrigued with the information and quotes provided.

I think it is wonderful that the DVC Music Department is now offering a transferable associate degree in music because there are so many talented artists attending this school that want to pursue music.

The Music Department provides an atmosphere for every type of musician; ranging from classical, metal, jazz, rap, techno, etc.

Music is a dying art in the entertainment industry.

To know that DVC is providing a greater, affordable chance for these students, gives me hope as an artist.

From my own personal background, I wanted to pursue music for a long time.

I have taken music classes for certain requirements towards my associate degree.

I have taken classes “History of Jazz” and “Introduction to Classical Music” at DVC.

Both of these classes gave me a greater appreciation towards the uprising of music.

Although I have chosen a different major, it is a good feeling to know that the music has not died.

Despite all the budget cuts, DVC is making every effort they can to provide a chance to those students’ future in the music industry.

The more we acknowledge this issue, the greater chance community college students  have making their educational goals into their own musical careers.

The only concern of mine from reading the article was the amount of information I felt was missing.

I felt as though you had more quotes than facts about the DVC Music Department and what this degree could do in the long run. These are a few things to possibly consider for your future newsgathering assignments.

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Letter to the editor: New degree helps artists