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The Republican primary validates my political apathy

John Kesler (Inquirer)

Whenever I go on the politics sections on my favorite news websites, I’m reminded of why I stopped caring about politics in the first place.

The Occupy movement has a lot of press due to the excessively brutal nature of some of the police officers cracking down on it, which comes across like using a thermonuclear warhead to put down a house cat. However, while that story is depressing, it isn’t the reason why I gave up on politics.

With its colossal cast dominated by scene stealing clowns, the 2012 Republican primary demonstrates just about every reason why I’m done with all that.

One annoying aspect of the race is how the media chosen front runner changes seemingly every week. I’m not absolutely sure, but I believe the current focus is on Herman Cain, a man whose campaign has been called “performance art” by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Previous front-runners have included Rick Perry, who apparently has a fetish for executing innocent people according to some (biased) reports I’ve read, as well as Michelle Bachmann, a person who manages to amaze me every time she opens her mouth.

In fact, I just did a search on Google for Michelle Bachmann to check the spelling of her name, and recent news results include a story where Bachmann claims that a vaccine for HPV “ravages” girls, and another story where she says that George W. Bush embraced “bailout socialism.” I’m not sure whether that’s hilarious or terrifying.

In addition, there are the rather infamous moments during the debates where the audience applauded a person who was dying due to bad healthcare or booed a gay soldier. Moments like this just betray a gigantic divide in the United States between political thought and normal human being thought.

All I can muster in regards to all of this is, “Whatever.” It’s like a really bad soap opera and I can’t muster myself to care about any of these idiots.

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John Kesler
John Kesler, Opinion editor
Opinion editor, spring 2012. Staff member, fall 2011.

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The Republican primary validates my political apathy