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Momoyama Sushi serves savory seafood

Students looking for good sushi, decent prices and a lively atmosphere will find just that at Momoyama’s Sushi Japanese restaurant located in Concord.

This restaurant is in a hidden area on Monument Blvd. It sits between a hair salon and café. It takes a little bit of effort to find, but customers who like good sushi will find it well worth it.

After entering the restaurant, I found myself wanting to stay. The place was full and the atmosphere was vibrant and lively. I was greeted almost immediately and didn’t have to wait long until I was seated. The lights were dimmed and the whole place had a Japanese ambiance to it.

The staff was very efficient and friendly. My menu was given to me promptly and my order was taken almost the minute I set my menu down.

I ended up ordering three rolls: the Hawaiian roll, the Sexy roll and a California roll.

Even though all of the rolls were superior in taste, a personal favorite of mine was the Sexy roll. Other than the fun name, the roll itself was phenomenal. It has avocado, crab meat crunch topped with grilled eel. The roll was served warm without being too hot.

The prices were moderate, the least expensive roll being $3.95 and the highest priced roll runs at $10.95.While the prices seem high, they give you appetizers and a free roll on the house as a thank you for choosing their restaurant to eat at.

The rolls were fresh, delicious, and a little bigger in quantity than other sushi restaurants I’ve visited. Not only were they larger in size, but they gave a few more pieces to each roll, depending on what you ordered.  

Not only was the food flawless, but the service was impeccable. I received my order within five minutes. I’ve been to many sushi restaurants and I’ve never had it delivered to me so quickly.

Before my sushi even arrived, though, I was given a bowl of miso soup, a bowl of sweet peas and a salad as an appetizer. What I really enjoyed, though, was that it all of these specific items were complimentary.

I was also given a free roll, which was a Calamari roll, as a thank you for coming in. This is apparently a courtesy they give to customers frequently, just to show the staff’s appreciation to its customers.

I was checked on repeatedly throughout the night and empty dishes were taken promptly after I cleared them.

Overall, I found this restaurant to be extremely satisfying in every way. The service was great, the food was flawless and the environment was extremely welcoming.

People looking for a wonderful sushi experience can find it at 1800 Monument Blvd #D in Concord. Reservations can be made by calling (925) 686-1888.

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Christa Balingit, Arts and Features Editor
Christa Balingit was the arts and features editor in fall 2011 and spring 2012.

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Momoyama Sushi serves savory seafood