Letter from the editor: Summer edition

Shane Louis and Tyler Elmore

Dear readers of The Inquirer,

Thank you for picking up this issue! As the semester comes to an end, we wish you luck with finals and transfer. Although the format of this issue looks a bit different, we hope the content will still carry the same integrity, quality and consistency that The Inquirer has strived to achieve.

Over the past semester, we have tried our best to keep you both entertained and informed of the happenings here at Diablo Valley College through our print and online versions.

In this issue: You will find profiles of three professors, one retiring, one new and one who continues to teach through adversity of cancer.

In the very center, we have included the beautiful comic that won first place in the James O’Keefe comic contest. You can just pull out that center page, fold it appropriately and enjoy.

Towards the back, we give you the best hiking spots, best places to get a beer, best events for summer and best podcasts.

Join The Inquirer: We hope you have enjoyed hearing from us as much as we have enjoyed hearing from you. This seems like a good time for self-promotion, so, join The Inquirer! You don’t even have to be a journalism major, half of our staff is made up of non-journalism majors. You can find the list of available classes on the back.

Also, make sure to check out our website, www.dvcinquirer.com, and our Facebook page for the most current updates.

Thank You: To the administration and all DVC departments and clubs that have had cool events for us to cover. Thanks to the IT Department for making our computers work. We especially want to give credit to our incredible staff of writers and photographers, our illustrator, Wes, Julius the lab coordinator and most of all, our amazing adviser, Mary Mazzocco, who has earned her tenure by surviving our over-excitement and tears throughout the semester and years past.

We have enjoyed our time on the Inquirer and hope that it’s success continues in the coming years.

Enjoy the issue and have a great summer,

Shane Louis & Tyler Elmore