Women’s soccer team will score

Julianna Cardinale, Staff member

After finishing in sixth place in the Big 8 with a 7-11-4 record last season, the DVC Women’s Soccer team is looking for a fresh start in their upcoming season.

According to head coach Cailin Mullins, their main goal for this year is “to compete for a Conference Championship.” With this squad, Mullins believes that this can happen.

“Last season we were very up and down. Some days we came out and played pretty well, and other days it seemed like we were disinterested in being there,” said coach Mullins. “But this group is definitely more competitive all around.”

Inexperience was their main flaw last season. With five sophomores and 17 freshmen, the pressure was mainly on the veterans. This lead to a lack of scoring potential and ultimately, more losses. To top it off, they lost a few of their players when they graduated or transferred to 4-year colleges, hurting their line-up. Then the new players they recruited rekindled their flame.

“From top to bottom they are a solid hard working group. There is a lot of talent both offensively and defensively,” said Mullins.

Sophomore Yazmin Jaime said, “This squad is focused and on the same page. Because we all have the same goals, we can accomplish anything.”

Jaime also talks about having a team that not only has a lot of talent, but is also hard working. She believes that this is going to be the recipe to their success in accomplishing their goals this season.

This is coach Mulllins’ 15th season and she hopes to capitalize from it.

“This is probably the most relaxed I have been as far as soccer goes,” Mullins said. “These ladies are smart and eager to do well and that takes a lot of pressure off of the coaching staff.”

This team appears to have improved from last season. They not only have scoring threats on their side, but they also have a very strong defense. Mullins and her players are very excited for the new season. Now with 13 returning players that have been training all summer and have much more experience, the women’s soccer team is back and ready for anything. This season is their opportunity to go out and show the Big 8 what the Vikings can do.

Their first home game is at 4 pm, Sept. 3 against Las Positas.