The Buzz: How did the new valet parking work for you?


Samantha Laurey

“I would use the valet parking, but I would want to see the people [valet drivers] first.”

Kahlil Spain, 18, Digital Media

Samantha Laurey

“I would not use the valet service. It’s concerning because when I valet at work we have to go through a lot more procedures to guarantee the vehicle’s safety.”

Josh Pikal, 19, Business Marketing

Samatha Laurey

“I think [the valet parking] is a really neat idea. It’s good for people who are having a hard time finding a parking space.”

Taylor Chiodo, 20, Undecided

Samantha Laurey

“I would possibly use the valet if my parents would allow it and if I knew all of the information about it. Otherwise it is sketch.”

Shelby Taylor, 18, Bio Chemistry