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DVC Faculty Art Show

Art Show shown:
January 23rd – February 12th 2013

For current showings visit:

Pieces featured in this video:

Jane Fisher

by Karl McDade

Kagerou Part A #1-6
by Toru Sugita

by Mark Messenger

by Anthony Ryan

by Amy Wilson

by Michael Leonard

Fall, Eastern Sierras
by Bill Thomas

At Last
by Arthur King

Hair Drawing #12
by Lynette Montgomery

Tucked Away
by Carla Paganelli

Light Box
by Leo Bersamina

by Rick Nuss

Incoming XI
by Leo Bersamina

by Monica Vanden Dool

by Hopi Breton

Hanging Forms
by Luke Damiani

Letter to Scott
by Jamil Hellu

by Finne Gah

2 Parts Corn
by Alex Jackson

Music used:
Virtutes Instrumenti by Kevin MacLeod via

Filmed and Edited by Matthew Devapiriam Emmanuel
for Inquirer TV

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