Three Would-Be Clubs Fail to Become Official Due to Lack of Faculty Advisers

Kim Reisman

Three would-be clubs fell by the wayside last week after they failed to sign on advisers by an Oct. 2 deadline set by the Office of Student Life.

They include: Students for Justice in Palestine and Israel, Amigos de las Americas and the Percussion Club.

“Every year it isn’t unusual that at least a couple of clubs don’t become official,” said Michelle Zapata, student activities coordinator.

The Inter Club Council Code requires that all clubs have an adviser from among the 800 full-time or part-time members of the faculty, staff or administration at the Pleasant Hill or San Ramon campuses.

That person’s duties include being present for club meetings and social activities, as well as authorizing expenditures.

The number of clubs meeting the adviser requirement for the current semester stands at about 70, Zapata said.

“Advisers serve an important role for the clubs,” she said. “They are mentors for the students, and they can also provide expertise in the areas in which they are advising.”

“Since club membership can change from year to year, the advisers can also serve as the “institutional memory” and provide club continuity,” she said.

Narsin Naraghi, who teaches a class in the arts and culture of Asia, said she immediately wanted the position when she received an e-mail from the president of the Greater China Culture Association.

She said, “I thought this club could be the right medium for me to share my knowledge about the culture of China with students and, at the same time, find out what students are like at DVC in a club-setting environment.”