Students give back by donating blood

“The thing I felt most was a prick in my finger to test my hemoglobin level,” Anji Nolan said after deciding to give blood for the first time earlier this month at a blood drive put on by Blood Centers of the Pacific.

The event was held in the Trophy Room from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Feb. 9 and was sponsored by DVC’s PreNursing Society.

Nolan, president of the PreNursing Society, said she was thankful to give back having received four blood transfusions after giving birth to her son.

Giving blood is a completely safe, near painless process, yet less than four percent of the population donates blood a year, according to

To give blood donors must fill out an information form, which is then reviewed by a registered nurse, their blood pressure and hemoglobin levels are taken, they get a small snack and beverage, and then are ready to donate.

After giving blood the donor returns for another snack and beverage before being allowed to leave. The entire process takes no more than an hour and a single pint of blood donated can go on to help the lives of up to three patients.

If you are interested in donating, please contact Anji Nolan at [email protected], or visit


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