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Credit by exam

Students can earn college credits without taking the actual class, if they can prove enough knowledge of the subjects.

An option for DVC students since at least 2005, the college’s Curriculum Committee approved 38 such courses with an updated application process from nine departments for the 2010-11 academic year.

But counselor, Merv Maruyama warned that acceptability of credit by exam depends on the institutions where students plan to transfer.

Also, there is a 12-unit maximum on courses toward an associate degree or six toward a certificate.”

“Not a lot of students can take advantage of” credit by exam, since most of students take advanced placement exams in high school, Maruyama said.

Departments offering credit by exam include administration of justice, architecture, art digital media, business accounting, computer information systems, construction, education, engineering and music. 

Students who wish to take them must fill out a petition-for-credit-by-examination form and pay the course fee to the Admissions and Records office no later than six weeks before the end of the fall or the spring semester.

Ted Wieden, interim senior dean of curriculum and instruction, said faculty members write, maintain, and grade the tests.

Credit by exam can be useful for those who, such police officers who already have the expertise but need the college credit for variety of reasons, Wieden said. 

Grade range from one to five, with students needing to earn at least three to pass the course.

Students must accept the grades they are given, which go on their transcripts as “credit by exam,” Obed Vazquez, Curriculum Committee co-chair and sociology professor said. 

If students fail the exam, they fail the class and have to wait at least one semester before retaking it.

To avoid any problems, Vazquez suggested students see a counselor before taking the exams.

Forms are available at Admissions and Records office and division offices.


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