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Students seek to instruct with holiday celebration

Dancers at the annual Cinco de Mayo festival on May 5, 2007 in Washington, D.C. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Latino Student Alliance is holding a three-day celebration for Cinco de Mayo from Monday May 3 to Wednesday May 5 in the patio area between the cafeteria and the student union building.  

LSA president Keith Montes said the event will focus on the social and cultural aspects of the holiday.

Montes said the club plans to “dig a little deeper into these issues that are affecting not just Latinos.”

Montes said he’s expecting over 250 people, because political activism on campus will draw people to the event.

“This semester has been the most politically active I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The LSA will show two short films in the Student Union conference room May 3, followed by a panel discussing immigration reform the next day.

The Cinco de Mayo festival and “March for Equality” is scheduled Wednesday, May 5 across campus to bring awareness to the current immigration reform situation in the country.

Dean of Student Life Bill Oye said a recent law in Arizona that gives police the ability to search and detain people they suspect of being illegal immigrants will make the Cinco de Mayo event at DVC very active.

The Queer Straight Alliance and Students for a Democratic Society officially support the event.

While Montes said combining social and political issues with entertainment is a useful tool, he wants people to have a good time.

“Let’s get together,” he said. “Let’s have a good time, [and] lets learn something.”

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Students seek to instruct with holiday celebration