DVC leads in energy conservation

An electricity conservation contest is sparking competition district-wide as the three colleges compete against one another to reduce energy consumption.

DVC has taken the lead against Los Medanos College and Contra Costa College in the district’s electrical energy conservation contest.  The three ‘teams’ are competing against one another to be the college that reduces energy consumption the most before Dec. 31.

As of September, DVC has reduced energy consumption by 11.1 percent versus LMC’s 7.7 percent reduction. Contra Costa’s consumption increased 1.9 percent.

According to the district website, 4cd.net, the purpose of the contest is to promote energy conservation, awareness, reduce electrical consumption, improve utility management, and reduce the district’s environmental impact.

The winning college will be the one that reduces the largest kilowatt hour percentage compared to the same time period last year.

However, if there is no district-wide cost savings due to rate changes or other cost issues, then the district will pull the plug on any awards.

Prizes will be in the form of funds that must be used toward future energy conservation projects. First place will receive 75 percent of their college electrical utility savings, second place 50 percent, and third place 25 percent.

The San Ramon campus is teamed up with DVC’s main campus, and the district office is teamed up with Contra Costa College.

The results of the competition will be released February 2011.


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