Surrealist artist paints the library with life


“Red Grapes” is one of the more than 40 paintings by Fariba Nassiri apart of the library’s new exhibit, “Life.” (Pablo Caballero / The Inquirer)

Students who spend hours in the library will now have something to look at other than books and white walls.

The first Art Exhibition of the semester, entitled “Life,” is now taking place and will be available for viewing until Oct. 29.

Ruth Sison, the bibliographic instruction librarian, has hosted 33 art exhibitions since 2002.

This year, the semester starts off its exhibition with paintings from Fariba Nassiri, an artist who began paintings at 16 years old.

She participated in DVC student art shows in April 2010 and April 2011, but this is her first solo show at the college.

Her work is priced anywhere from $25 to $100.

“She’s amazing,” Sison said. “She has so many paintings and is still adding more.”

Currently, Nassiri has more than 40 paintings hanging on the walls in the library.  Her main focus through this exhibition is on surrealism, realism and the subject is of life.

“I chose the subject because life is sensitive topic for everyone,” Nassiri said. “It’s the one thing everyone has in common.”

Nassiri has tried to make the subject evident in all her paintings. She utilized a wide variety of mediums, including acrylic, oil paint, water color, and colored pencils.

Students studying in the library also find Nassiri’s paintings fascinating.

DVC student Sydney Seltzer said it’s great that students have the opportunity to display their art.

“It’s nice to look at something other than books,” Seltzer said.

Nassiri enjoys her work, but she also said she takes it very seriously.

“Art is my task,” Nassiri said. “Artists have a responsibility to be good at their tasks. It’s not about the money.”

While Nassiri’s paintings furnish many of the library walls, other artwork can be found.

Previous art students have also donated their work to the school, contributing to the compilation of a substantial collection.

“My goal is to fill the library with artwork from students,” Sison said.

The art exhibitions are planned six months in advance.

Sison said that Nassiri showed a lot of enthusiasm when learning that her paintings would be the only ones displayed in the exhibition at the start of the semester.

“She would tell me during the summer, ‘I just started another painting,'” Sison said. “She spent a lot of time working and preparing for this.”

Despite the pressure of having to prepare her paintings in six months, Nassiri enjoyed the task.

“This is my life,” Nassiri said. “I love paintings and drawing. I can’t explain the feelings I get when I do it. I love all of my work.”