Theft hits art department


Keith Montes

Yvette Rodriguez paints ceramic art as classmate Katarina Bagherian retrieves lunch from her own backpack.

Keith Montes, Managing editor

An unusual spike of reported theft in the art department has left students and staff perplexed and suspicious. Three laptops have allegedly been stolen from the art department studios between April 24 and May 7. Other items reported stolen during this same time period include wallets, an iPod, a purse and an iPhone.

Two of the three laptops reported stolen belonged to art instructors Karl McDade and Jane Fisher. The common theme in the cases of the stolen items was that they were left unattended. As art instructor Fisher explained, “People are always on the move in the Art Department,” which makes it difficult to constantly monitor ones personal property.

Contra Costa Community College Police Detective Tom Holt is responsible for investigating cases of stolen property at our college. In a phone interview, Holt said, “There are no leads in the case and there is no follow up at this time.”
The recent rise of thefts in the Art Department has contributed to creating an uncomfortable academic environment. As only registered art students are allowed to be in the studios during instruction, classmates and staff are becoming suspicious of each other.

In reaction to the recent thefts, students and staff in the Art Department have raised awareness in an attempt to discourage any further incidents.

Art studio aid and biology major Joseph Horvort proclaims, “People are definitely watching their stuff more often.”
Fine arts major Nicolette Coffin explains how she felt when an unidentified person went inside of her backpack and removed her wallet.

Coffin says, “You feel violated and pissed off because you can’t do anything about it. I was really not even that far away.”
Art Department chair, Michele Krup, states, “It’s creepy; It’s a violation. I want my students to feel safe when they are in the classroom.”

In an effort to stave off further thefts on campus, Krup and Fisher have sent out emails to faculty and staff strongly encouraging them and their students to watch their possessions more closely.
Anyone who has information regarding any of the missing items is encouraged to contact college police Detective Tom Holt at [email protected].