ASDVC hears plan for new student-oriented programs


Rachel Ann Reyes

A new proposal brought up in the weekly ASDVC meeting concerned a managerial position and an integration plan that could benefit many student oriented programs beginning in 2013-14.

Vice president of student services, Newin Orante, came to discuss the proposal as a way to integrate programs such as the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), Cooperative Agencies for Resources and Education (CARE), California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids CalWORKs and Student Life.

According to the integration plan, the goals of incorporating such programs are to use human and fiscal resources to provide maximum program output, foster program support to increase student engagement and to create flawless access to support services to academically and economically vulnerable students at DVC.

When discussing the wide range of students at DVC and how to better their experience here, Orante expressed that “there’s a gang of students that we need to raise resources for so we can better serve them when they’re here, at the time that they’re here… We don’t have the resources we had before but we need to continue serving students therefore we need to act and behave differently as we continue to raise resources for the future.”

The managerial position detailed in the management hire proposal is explained as the hiring of an experienced person who oversees various departments, like program and budget management, fund development and who will provide leadership. This would be a change from the past, as there were deans who had designated responsibilities within student oriented programs.

Sam Park, the vice president of legislative affairs, explains a benefit of having a new manager. “Since Lindsay [Kong] is probably going to be the manager who’s going to take the position, and just for the short time working with her, she has a lot of experience and can get things done,” Park said.

But Park does go on to explain that there could be a negative impact with having only person overseeing different programs in our school. “The theory is really great. The collaborative effort, the experience, but in practice it actually might propose some problems as the years progress because this is not really a matter of financial calculation but a human calculation…. there are times when students might need the manager the most but since that person has a limited access to her own time, so the question is, can she really provide the benefits to students to all divisions for that one person’s job?”