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New pagers system creates buzz in the Student Services Center

DVC student Dennis Martinez waits for a meeting at the financial aid office in the student services building on August 22, 2013. Dennis is one of many students using the pager system to his advantage. (Benjamin Davidson / The Inquirer)

With the new student-pager system being implemented, waiting for financial aid services is now less of a hindrance.

As line lengths prove to be a stifle in the active student’s day, the new student paging system is a nice alternative to just standing idly.

According to Allison Morgado, a staff associate in counseling, this pager system began last semester.

The devices work very similar to that of a restaurant paging system, allowing students to mingle about the building, and eventually the campus as well, in return for a student I.D. as collateral. When a financial aid officer is available to see them the pager vibrates and lights up, signaling the student that their meeting is ready.

“[The vibration] is a little louder than a cell-phone buzz,”student Dennis Martinez said.

This not only provides more time for students to use for themselves, but it also gives them the opportunity to have a more flexible schedule.

The pager system concept was brought to the table and put into effect by Emily Stone, the dean of student services.

According to Stone, the intention of the pagers for students who are coming to the financial aid office is to provide them with a more comfortable space to wait instead of just standing in line.

“The reality is this year with the high demand for financial aid services and limited staffing, that there will inevitably be a two-hour wait time,” Stone said.

Psychology major, Bri Byrne, 19, finds that it’s more efficient to use a pager on campus. This thought seems to be a re-occurring one amongst the students on campus; especially those that are using the time to access other areas within the student services building.

“You do not have to technically be here to wait, because this will go off when you need to come back; so you can go wherever you need to go, and then you’ll know when it’s your time,” Byrne said.

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Benjamin Davidson, Managing editor
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New pagers system creates buzz in the Student Services Center