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Traffic problems for students crossing Golf Club Road

Pleasant Hill is studying ways to improve safety at a crosswalk near the main entrance to Diablo Valley College.

The intersection of Golf Club Road and Temple Court has no stop sign or traffic light.

Student Tim Weisenforta, 28, uses this crosswalk, which links the overflow parking lot to the north entrance of campus.

“People are speeding,” Weisenforta said.I have been almost run over twice.”

Student Amy Gao agreed: “Sometimes cars don’t stop when I am in the crosswalk.”

Eric Hu, associate engineer for the City of Pleasant Hill, said the city is aware of problems at the intersection and is studying ways to improve its safety.

However, “The city does not favor putting a traffic light or stop sign at this intersection,” Hu said. “One idea is installing blinking lights in the crosswalk.”

There is a stop sign one block east of the crosswalk, at Stubbs Road, and a traffic light one block west, at Old Quarry Road, the intersection next to the DVC Transit Center.

Traffic leaving school and traveling east on Golf Club Road seems to back up through the Temple Court crosswalk when the light turns red at the Old Quarry Road intersection, causing an interruption for traffic that is turning into or leaving the school.

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Traffic problems for students crossing Golf Club Road