Damage discovered in newest building on campus


Keith Montes

Flintco worker removes loose sheetrock before applying plywood to the damaged area.Photo credit: Hakeem Montes.

Keith Montes

Bent sheet metal framing, exposed insulation and crevassed sheetrock drew an intrigued crowd to the front of the admissions dept. around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 6, 2013.

Damage was discovered to the interior ceiling of recently built Student Services Center next to the attached skyway which is currently under construction.

Beth Hauscarriague, dean of counseling and enrollment, said in an interview that a staff member within the building informed her of the damage and that a work order had been put in for repair. Hauscarriague said no injuries were reported.

Vice President of Finance and Administration, Chris Leivas was made aware of the damage by Hauscarriague. Leivas was contacted by The Inquirer but was unavailable for comment.

The construction of the Commons Project at DVC was contracted to Tulsa, Okla. based, Flintco Constructive Services.

David Garner, project manager for Flintco Constructive Services was reached for comment who stated “he has no information at this time.”

Phase four of the DVC Commons project, which includes the skyway, new hotel and restaurant management and food service building is projected to be completed by May 11, 2014. Whether or not the expected completion date will be effected by the damage is currently undetermined.

The affected area was temporarily zoned off by the administration and traffic was rerouted. Flintco Constructive Services workers came to the site around 10:30 a.m., removed the loose sheetrock and placed plywood over the damaged area.

Lauren Wood, an early childhood development major, shared a concern about the currently closed construction zones and if they were sufficient enough to ensure safety.

“Maybe more area should be quarantined off to make sure people walking by are safe.” said Wood.