College Park students show ‘Perspectives’


Gustavo Vasquez

College Park High School student Dylan hill (left) and CPHS ceramics instructor Lesley Jensen (right) setting up display box of ceramic and glass artwork on Monday, Mar. 31, 2014 in the Diablo Valley Library. The show in the DVC library will be showcases between April 3, through May 18, 2014. Artist reception will be held Thursday, April. 17, 5-7P.M. in L218.

Gustavo Vasquez, Photo chief

High school students from across the street, College Park, is showcasing “Perspectives” in the Diablo Valley College library from Thursday, April 3, through Saturday, May 18.

The “Perspectives” high school art show is showcasing art work from 48 different students, with mediums of artwork ranging from ceramic sculpture to glass, photography and painting.

Lesley Jensen, ceramics instructor, said “We were invited to fill the case with our high school artwork and what I did was give my advanced students the assignment to create a piece for the show and we decided on the title of the show, ‘perspectives,’ so its sort of about the perspective of a high schooler’s view of the world.”

Students in the show showed excitement over being able to showcase at a college. College Park student, Dylan Hill, said “It was a really cool opportunity.”

“I liked the chance to show high school work at a college, it’s really great, especially the fact that we get to do this here because often, high school art programs, especially high school ceramics programs, are looked on with disdain,” continues Hill.

Kristin Fielding said “The fact that we can have a show at DVC is actually really cool because often, no one really cares about high school stuff.”

The artist reception will be held on Thursday, April. 17, 5-7P.M in L218.