Gaining ground for veterans support

Veterans Alliance club finds solace in new Student Union space


Benjamin Davidson

Pati MacDonald greets one of the new prospects for DVC’s Veterans Alliance Club.

Amrita Kaur, Copy editor

After a long road of having to share space and facilities with other clubs, the Veterans Alliance club can finally move into their own home in the Student Union Building room 202-B.

Ryan Kelley, mechanical engineering student and president of the Veterans Alliance club presented their plight to ASDVC for a vote and the verdict came quickly.

All parties agreed that the quiet room in the  Student Union Building’s basement would be a good fit to accommodate the growing club, which is the only source of assistance for veterans on campus.

“The room will be used mainly for peer-to-peer assistance, as we are getting bigger,” Kelley said. “Its nice and quiet in there, we can hold presentations by outside speakers and  by clubs like the, ‘Blue Star Moms.'”

According to Brian Vargas, outreach coordinator and club treasurer, Kelley has been instrumental in getting the room allocation and taking it upon himself to make sure he talked to the right people and making it happen.

Previously the club used to meet in SU 101, but it became a challenge to share the space with other clubs.

David Vela, club adviser and English professor, expressed his joy for the allocated space.

“I am pleased, so pleased, as it will serve the club’s needs,” he said. “It will be good to use for small presentations and brown-bags.”

Kelley said, “Veterans needs are different from other students, so it’s nice to have a room where people can go. Who ever needs a moment, can have a moment in there.”

The room will be available for veterans as of the first day of the fall 2014 semester.

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