‘Trash Totems’ spotted in the trash


Taylor Pagan

DVC student created “Trash Totems” were found in a Dumpster located on campus on Monday Sept. 29.

Taylor Pagan, Staff member

Art is not forever.

Or at least, this is the case for Diablo Valley College’s “Trash Totems.”

The totems, created two years ago by sculpting’s lead instructor Hopi Breton’s “Introduction to Sculpture and 3D Design” class, have recently been taken down due to deterioration.

“The plastic trash pieces were shredding over a large area of ground and (the totems) were quickly fading,” Breton said.

Breton then went on to speak about how art made with non-permanent materials is not designed to last a lifetime.

Breton said another art installation is currently being planned by both her and instructor Luke Damiani’s classes and will hopefully be up by this fall.

“We hope to have new
 work up soon from the same course,” she said. “It will be different, but I hope everyone enjoys them as much.”

However, clarity seems to be absent among Breton’s sculpture students.

Maty Sock says she doesn’t think a new sculpture will actually be up until spring 2015. “We don’t know much about it,” she said.

Sculpture student Kimberly Diaz also has no knowledge of any plans. “We haven’t discussed anything yet,” she said. “I’m not sure which class is even doing it.”