Fun Fair draws clubs and students together

Ryan Chan, Staff member

The Diablo Valley College Fun Fair drew students and clubs together for food, fun and games on Nov.12 at the Margaret Lesher Student Union Building.

The event was planned by the Associated Students of DVC to promote clubs and interaction with students across campus.

Students and staff were invited to hang out with DVC’s clubs to mingle, chow down on snacks, and play games set up by the clubs, like the candy ring toss and the foam javelin throw.

Many clubs came to promote their causes.

Zainab Asif, vice president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, was promoting her club for DVC’s San Ramon campus.

“We’re here today to promote awareness and support for our club,” Asif said. “We help students transfer into other universities, though normally we don’t come out to the DVC campus. However we figured there would be a lot of people around the fair today that might be interested in joining.”

The Architecture Club showed up in full force, promoting its 3D printing display, and showcased a life-sized photo booth cleverly styled after Tetris blocks.

A highlight of the fair was the DVC Dance Club’s street dance performance, performed by Flo Barrerra, Brandon Guzman and Mac Kevin Ragar. The trio showed off an array of hip-hop dance styles and daring acrobatic moves. DVC Dance Club member Khoa Le, hoped the performance would help raise awareness of the club.

“The club was actually asked to perform for the fair, and we told them we’d be happy to,” Khoa said. “We were pretty stoked to participate. Our club practices different choreography every day, so it was good to finally show off a little.”

Some clubs weren’t happy with the location of the fair, citing the remoteness of the student union building. Although attendance at the event was fairly sizable, the location was not as accessible as those of previous years’ fairs. Due to ongoing construction, students had to navigate past parking lots or around the pond, to reach the fair.

“Having the fair at the student union building is kind of awkward,” Rexy Adrianto, vice president of the Earth Club said. “The library would have been a much better place to hold the fair. But it’s understandable since it probably would have been too loud.”

Sophia Zhang, Vice President of the DVC Judo club, praised the idea of the fun fair.

“It’s fun, easy, simple and brings people together,” she said. “The fair really promotes collaboration for clubs, and I just wish this could happen more often.”