Construction builds towards ADA-compliance


Taylor Pagan

Ted Weiden, John Nahlen and Frank Riley discuss construction plans for the Commons project.

Taylor Pagan, Online editor

Campus construction will continue in an effort to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Interim Vice President of finance and administration John Nahlen said there are plans to create a sidewalk and crosswalk on the west side of Diablo Valley College near Viking Drive and Stubbs Road.

The sidewalk will be constructed along Viking Drive from the entrance of parking lot 4 to the beginning of parking lot 3. Another sidewalk will be constructed along Stubbs Road with a crosswalk intersecting at the parking lot 4 exit. Construction will be a college-funded project, provided by Measure E, rather than an expense for the city of Pleasant Hill.

Construction was originally scheduled to begin Feb. 4. and completion was anticipated for April; however, the project has now been pushed until after the Spring 2015 semester in an effort to minimize traffic and parking disruptions.

Measure E, passed in June 2014, issued the Contra Costa Community College District $450 million in bonds to upgrade campus facilities.

Because of this, Nahlen said, “We will probably be (under construction) for the next 10 years.”

The much anticipated DVC Commons Project is also included in these Measure E renovations.

The original Jan. 5 completion date has been pushed to the end of March due to complications not compliant with ADA standards near the Margaret Lesher Student Union Building.

The new space will serve as a gathering place for students. In addition to plenty of table and bench seating, there will also be a fully wired stage available for outdoor meetings and performances.

DVC’s accreditation liaison Ted Wieden is looking forward to utilizing the space as an after-graduation gathering area.

“I think graduation is going to be a very impressive event,” he said.

Superintendent of Flint Construction Frank Riley said, “This place is going to be freaking awesome.”