ASDVC resignations lead to special elections


Ryan Chan

ASDVC members practice voting during a meeting Feb. 3.

Ryan Chan, Staff member

Recent vacancies in executive positions among the Associated Students of Diablo Valley College have led to a call for special interim elections before the ASDVC general public elections in April.

As the ASDVC lost graduating senior members, positions for president, parliamentarian and director of activities opened up.

Plans for an interim election to fill the positions are scheduled with nominations being held Feb. 3, followed by elections on Feb. 10.

Diversity Affairs Officer Lily Hajin of the ASDVC was not aware of the motive behind the resignations.

“I had assumed that they had resigned for personal reasons,” she said. “While I can’t say much about their resignations, I can say that I would love to see a strong executive board during the next semester.”

Neither Parliamentarian Sherilyn Tjandra nor Activity Coordinator Felicia Novia were available for comment.

Some students were less sure about the leave of absence of the executive members. Music major Taylor Hayes, 21, is skeptical of the events.

“I’ve seen the ASDVC in action,” Hayes said. “I’m not surprised that something like this has transpired, especially since the ASDVC sometimes seems like a popularity contest. Maybe for them this is for the best.”

Keith Montes also resigned from the role of president late last semester for personal reasons, but he spoke about plans for running for ASDVC president again, as well as changes within the ASDVC he hoped to accomplish.

“It’s my hope that the ASDVC will be able to recruit up to 40 members this year, as well as stamping out popularity contests that have been prevalent within the ASDVC,” Montes said. “Additionally, we are looking to submit two more proposals to the Student Senate for California Community College that we are hoping to reveal later within the semester.”

Among these changes, one of Montes’ biggest goals is to have a budget this semester for the $1 million in total funds allocated to the ASDVC.

“After doing some digging we had recently learned that our total budget was about $1 million.” he said. “Hopefully this semester we can construct a budget for the ASDVC to distribute funds better.”

General elections are schedules for April 9- 10.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story quoted Keith Montes as giving a reason for the resignations of Parliamentarian Sherilyn Tjandra and Activity Coordinator Felicia Novia. The quote was in error. Montes did not tell the Inquirer any reasons. The Inquirer regrets the error.