Club Day expands student opportunities


Shane Louis / Inquirer

Students check out the various tables at Club Day on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015.

Melanie Calimlim, Staff member

Diablo Valley College students gathered in the Library Quad for Club Day on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2015

The clubs ranged from business to drama to women empowerment. Everyone had smiles, offering refreshments and information on their club.

The Photography Club, new this semester, especially had a good turnout. 

Member Edwin Tjoitang said the club is open to taking pictures for DVC events.

“We will share our experience and techniques on taking pictures,” he said.

Another club taking their first steps is the Consulting Club. Club president Elijah Pipersburg said their club can be summarized in two words: problem solving.

“Sometimes, many business majors don’t know what to do,” he said. “The Consulting club allows people to be exposed to the different fields of business.”

While there are clubs that can help expose students to the nitty gritty world of business, there are also recreational clubs that allow students to enter a world creativity.

The Dance Club, for example, offers students the opportunity to express themselves through movement.

Member Josh Ramirez said students that join don’t have to be highly skilled because everyone has something different to teach.

“We’re a club for people who want to learn or to better their techniques,” he said.

Joining a club can allow students to meet with people that have similar interests and it can help them break out of their shells beyond what the typical class time allows.

“I think being in clubs gives students their own voice, and allows them to express themselves more as they meet new people,” communications major Rebecca Bustos said. “As for me, I feel good being active in school besides my school work.”

Clubs can joined at any time throughout the semester. For more information see the DVC website.