Bike lockers missing full potential


Cooper Mead

A stripped down bike sits abandoned, still locked to the bike rack at the Business and Foreign Language Building.

Cooper Mead, Staff member

With six reported bike thefts at Diablo Valley College in the past three weeks, bicycle safety is more important than ever.

The thefts have been reported all across campus; one bike was even stolen from the bicycle rack next to the police services building.

Psychology major Christopher Kimball said he bikes to school every day, except for when it rains.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it,” he said in reference to the dismantled bike frame next to the Business and Foreign Language building.

With both locked and unsecured bikes reported stolen, there seems to be no guaranteed options to secure bikes on campus.

However, most students are unaware that DVC has secure bike lockers available. The lockers can be rented out on a term-length basis by students, faculty and staff.

Administrative assistant of student life Leigh Apodaca said bike lockers are rented for the semester for $15 rental plus $25 key deposit.

“Not all lockers are currently occupied,” she said.

There are multiple sets of lockers on campus, one located near the Police Services building, one by the Library Forum and another by the Faculty Office Annex.

Frank Ichigaya, the interim custodial manager and member of DVC’s sustainability committee said, “I feel that very few students know that DVC offers bicycle lockers. Higher visibility and signage may help.”