Police Beat Feb. 18 – Feb. 26

Taylor Pagan, News editor

Feb. 18, DVC Library Bike Racks

Student reported that his bicycle was stolen from campus property. There were no witnesses.

Feb. 18, DVC Parking Lot 4

Student reported that she was involved in a minor hit and run traffic accident. Student reported that the other party fled the scene without identifying himself. Student’s vehicle sustained minor damage.

Feb. 18, DVC Business and Foreign Language Building Bike Racks

Unknown subject took a victim’s bicycle which was locked to a bike rack. There were no witnesses to the theft. Total loss reported $310.

Feb. 19, DVC Parking Lot 7

Subject bit victim during a dispute over a dog.  The two had a former dating relationship.  Victim refused to provide any more information on their identity.

Feb. 19, DVC Parking Lot 8

Student reported vehicle was stolen by unknown subject. There were no witnesses.

Feb. 23, DVC Faculty Office 104

Unknown subject smashed the faculty office window  and took a DVC Laptop. There were no witnesses.

Feb. 25, DVC Parking Lot 1

A vehicle hit another vehicle pulling into a parking stall.  An unknown male got out of the suspect vehicle, inspected the damage on his vehicle and drove away without exchanging information with the other driver.

Feb. 26, DVC Library

Unknown subject took the victim’s laptop and cell phone while she slept in the Library. Laptop was later recovered.